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About Us


The owners of Pacific Park Children’s Center, Mary Brown, Katie Solinsky and Jill Lempka have more than 75 years of combined early childhood teaching experience. As the previous owners of another successful childcare center, they have the knowledge and skills to make Pacific Park an exceptional place for your family. We have carefully selected classroom materials that will create the best preschool and daycare experience for your child. In both building design and classroom set up, we have kept the children who will attend Pacific Park Children’s Center in the forefront. Our goal is to make the early years of learning inspiring for children, so they will be eager to learn in the school years ahead.


Our preschool program is for our 2 through 5 year olds and is centered on the child and their individual needs. We offer a developmental based program that provides for learning and growth both academically and socially. Every child will mark milestones and achievements at their own pace, and we will celebrate those achievements as they occur. After preschool time, we offer daycare services to make a full-day program. During the day your child will enjoy two snacks and lunch, but if you have a picky eater or a child with allergies, feel free to pack a lunch.

Our Staff:

The teaching staff at Pacific Park is highly qualified through education and years of experience. They have an approach to teaching that is both nurturing and encouraging, while accomplishing their goals for the day. It would be very hard to find a group of teachers more dedicated to the education of young children.

The Classrooms:

Pacific Park Children’s Center has 5 “classrooms” which are:

-The Infant Room: Ages 1 Month - 1 Year

-The Toddler Room: Ages 1 Year – 2 Years

-The 2-Year Old Room: Ages 2 – 3 Years. Preschool begins in this group.

-The 3 Year Old Room: Ages 3 – 4 Years.

-Pre-Kindergarten: Ages 4 – 5 Years.

While each area is divided by age, we understand that all children develop at different paces. We will assess each child’s progress before moving to the next age group level.

We also offer before and after school care for children in Kindergarten and above, with transportation to and from area schools.


5421 W. Barnes Rd..

Spokane, WA 99205



Mon - Fri: 7:00AM - 5:30PM

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